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무한 도전!!

Infinity Challenge, First REAL Variety Show in Korea. Since 2005.

Waikiki Brothers~!

Check it out » Soon a big project/ an international project (revised)


Who want to be involve in an international project about Mudo/Muhan Dojeon/Infinity Challenge? A virtual and international project for Mudo members from their fans

I want many people to participate it and from the most unexpected corners of the world. Please help me!!!Here, it isn’t about me, it…

definitely in!!!

new headquarter…. Infinity Challenge thread part 6.. idws.in/458296

Check it out » .Infinite Challenge (무한도전).: [NEWS] Infinity Challenge Ranked No.1 on JULY Korea Most Favorite TV Program !



"MBC Infinity Challenge Ranked As No.1 Most Favorite Program In Korea 5th Consecutive Month (From March - July) !"

1. MBC Infinity Challenge (Muhan Dojeon) 11,2%
2. SBS Drama I Hear Your Voice 6,6%
3. MBC Dad Where Are You Going? (Appa Eodiga) 5,2%

huahahahaha~~~ jangan pada iri yaa… :3

Muhaaaann??? DOJEOOOONNN~~~~!!!!

ㅋㅋㅋ…. It’s quite a long time from my latest post. Time passes, and I finally realized, Infinity Challenge is unlimited times funnier than running man. so I decided to change my tumblr. I already changed my tumblr layout. cute isn’t it?

I still love running man, but I love Infinity Challenge much more….

well so, from now on I will post many things about Infinity Challenge. I’ll still post about running man too, but not as much as I post about Infinity Challenge.

hope you’ll enjoy and love Infinity Challenge too. ^^ bbyong~!!

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